You’re unhappy and have discussed what’s not working ad nauseum. You may have seen a counselor or two. Nothing’s really changing.  You need something different, and that’s what I do.

Through mind-blowing insights, heartfelt compassion, and an earnest kick in the pants, I’ll guide you to break free from your stuck places. You will learn how to change what isn’t working into what does!  It won’t cost a fortune. It won’t take forever, and it won’t be a drag.

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When you come to “Break Free” from what has you stuck or not working in your life, one of many approaches is to look for your automatic behaviors, coping strategies, and personas which run you when you are stressed or triggered.

What is a Persona?

It’s the image or mask you habitually present to the world when in confusing, awkward, stressful or scary situations. It is the way you adapted or learned to cope when you were young.  Personas are false selves.  They are not who you are!

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