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I have met and worked with Morgan regarding business relationships, romantic partnerships, and my own personal relationship to discuss and untangle those sticky, uncomfortable growth opportunities. In my opinion, there is no better guide to work with. She is an exceptional coach guiding you through these experiences with loving care, humor, and a no BS meter. She makes learning fun!


Life changing progress can be made with Morgan at Break Free Therapy & Coaching! I’ve been in therapy over 20 years. In the last 6 months with Morgan, I have made BIG, BIG PROGRESS! You want doors opened up in your life and to have a COMPLETELY new outlook?–Go see Morgan! I recommend her to EVERYONE!!


Morgan is an amazing coach! With kindness, humor, directness and always spot-on insights, she has helped me successfully navigate the most challenging situations in my life. With her expert guidance, I’ve been able to break out of old patterns and gain more and more freedom and joy in my life. A short time with her was WAY more effective than the 8 years I spent in psychotherapy!


We contacted Morgan in the midst of a year of travel as we needed immediate help… Morgan not only freed much time to suit our unique situation and needs, she also shared invaluable tools that helped deepen our knowledge about ourselves and understand each other better. Morgan was always professional, very approachable and accommodating. Her great sense of humour was a wonderful quality which transformed some of our more serious situations into fun and lighthearted moments!


Morgan quite literally broke my wife and me free from the grip of fear in our relationship and introduced us to new ways of relating and loving one another. We were separated when we reached out to Morgan, and thanks to Morgan’s revolutionary approach: a counseling-coaching combo, we were able to form a connection that is six years strong and deepening every day. Morgan will challenge you and disrupt those places where you are stuck. She assists to get the flow back in your relationship with active engagement and techniques that truly break you free of the past, connect you to the present, and point you towards the future. If you bring an open willingness to learn how you can become closer in your relationship, Morgan will light up the path!!


Morgan is in a category all her own; the biggest standout is how she goes above and beyond to get you in the habit of using the new tools you learn. Not only will she share with you how to take back control of your life and happiness, but she will give you homework, books, exercises, she will call you out, call your bluff, check in and follow up so that this time you won’t fall back out of good habits as soon as you leave her office. And she makes it a hoot!


I have broken free from my past limits and see and relate to my world with an open-heart, and peacefulness.


I will forever be indebted to you for so powerfully having my back and coaching us to both have what we needed and be in our relationship—me a peaceful house living with cooperative beings and D. seeing his son graduate. I really felt like I was out there on a limb. Whew, I’m so glad that I stepped out boldly to take care of myself! Look where I am now!!


Morgan’s genius is in her ability to show you how to pull yourself out of the toxic mess that causes relationships to fail, and she does that in a fun, friendly, and down-to-Earth way that is easy to relate to and quick to take hold. I went from unconsciously repeating the same patterns that caused previous relationships to fail to being consciously aware of those patterns and learning effective ways to break and reform them into a healthy, thriving relationship with my wife. The journey and transformation has been remarkable, and it has been thanks to Morgan’s incredible ability to relate, advise, and coach.


Awesome and inspiring work taught in a provocative style, which has changed everything for me! Morgan’s direct and loving nature, coupled with her wit and humor made this the best journey to date! Thank you so much!

C. & G.

I think one of the biggest gains I’ve made through this class is in realizing the self-consciousness and judgment I’ve had around fun in the past. Thoughts like “well other people can have fun doing that, but I’d look like a fool, feel embarrassed, etc” are now being replaced with an openness and even zest for fun in all forms – sometimes the sillier the better! I notice being able to break through to greater levels of joy more frequently with the techniques I’ve learned, especially in quieting my inner judge and worrier, who would otherwise tamp down my happiness levels. And, learning to let go of what other people think while at the same time learning to embrace everything that is me, feels amazing! The freedom that comes with all of this cannot be overstated. Thank you Morgan!


Thanks for holding the space for me to see beyond all of my complaints and victimization.


Morgan’s coaching has helped me realize that I have complete power over my choices, my reactions, my life. Her instruction has given me the tools to own that responsibility and power so that I don’t live in a state of victimhood at the mercy of others and the universe. I will forever be appreciative of her coaching, support and presence in my life as I continue to use what she has taught me to create joyful, harmonious relationships with myself, my husband and in the world around me.


No more arguing for my limitations with Morgan’s insight and guidance. I have so much gratitude.


Morgan is a GENIUS coach and has guided me to transform my formerly boring, stuck life into a way of living which is creative, juicy, and filled with joy!


You are a divine instrument of positive change and I am so fortunate to have found you and to have been open to beginning to learn everything that you have taught me about the Hendricks work. Thank you so much for your guidance and support Morgan. I appreciate you with all my heart!



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