Personas pop up in adulthood whenever we get triggered or stressed by a person or a situation.

A persona brings along the feelings, memories and vague thoughts from your history. You cannot be fully present or see the whole picture when you are in a persona. You are swept into a childhood reverie, or trance, playing out a younger version of yourself. No wonder there’s conflict, confusion, or a sense of being stuck or that you can’t get things to change!

There are 100’s of personas or strategies which keep you locked into dissatisfying interactions, unfulfilling results and conflict in yourself and with others.



This persona is busy taking care of everyone else. If people are happy, served, and cared for then the pleaser feels momentarily valued or important. Overtime, living outside of one’s own needs and wants results in emptiness, resentment, and depression.


This is a tight, controlled, painful way of living where everything has to be done a certain way to be acceptable. Underneath, not feeling good enough keeps this persona in the struggle to do all things perfectly, and often the expectation that others should do the same.


The source of the victim’s “poor me” position is ALWAYS over there or out there with something or someone else. The victim is incapable of taking responsibility for outcomes and results. Whining, complaining and blaming is all victim-speak.


Kids rebel when things seem unfair. The adult Rebel may stockpile injustices and behave passive aggressively or act-out in young ways when it comes to authority and rules. There are effective ways to address injustice in adulthood which are not triggered from childhood coping tactics.

Who is showing up for you?

Life is far more fun when we unhook from these personas!

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