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When you’ve followed all the rules and plans to achieve, and still feel like something’s missing… When you’ve excelled in your career, taken the steps to build a fine life, and by anyone’s estimation, you’ve accomplished it all… why do you feel there’s something wrong with you?

You’ve thought about changing careers, relocating… leaving your partner… But you know that’s not the solution.

And it’s not like you aren’t smart enough to figure it out, you have more degrees than a thermometer! But you still feel:

  • Trapped in a rut
  • Afraid you won’t get to fully express yourself in the world
  • Scared that you’ll make the wrong choice for you
  • or like it’s too late to change
  • You find yourself wondering, “What else should I do with my life?”
  • You feel like life’s passing you by.

I not only know how you feel, but I’ve been in the same place, and it sucked. Like you, my happiness used to depend on achievements and plans, on other people’s opinions and external distractions.

It seemed like anything outside myself could make me feel better. By every outward appearance I looked like I enjoyed life. And I did- at times. But it was a cover. Eventually through my own work and process I uncovered and released my innate capacity to shine and enjoy life fully.

I’ve learned there are steps we can take to shift it all. And today it’s different… I’m completely different.

I wake up every morning looking forward to the day. Every day! Whatever’s on my agenda, my internal happiness no longer depends on my to-do-list or what’s going on with everyone around me. And when shit happens, I no longer tank! I simply deal and maintain my general sense of joy! Easy-peasy!

When you learn the skills to be happy, you expand your consciousness and rewire your brain chemistry for joy.

Every day you practice these skills, you increase your capacity for happiness and learn to enjoy life in a way you thought you never could.

I created Break Free to Joy to show you how to get here too! I truly believe:

  • You can wake up each day looking forward to life!
  • You’ll feel free and light and happy.
  • You will disengage from the old, limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • You’ll learn to focus on enjoying life while fully loving yourself and others.
  • You’ll feel confident that you are on the right path for yourself because you know what you want in life and how to articulate it.

You can thrive and not just survive!

Break Free to Joy is a self-paced program that teaches you how to let go of limiting beliefs and focus on embracing life and having fun!
Through fun and playful exercises, you’ll gain the skills you need to discover your right path to thrive, and not just survive, now and in years to come.

I’ve trained dozens of people and know with every fiber in my being that if you want joy in your life, and are willing to put in the effort, you can get here too!

  • Working with Morgan in the Break Free to Joy program taught me how to cultivate an inner joy not dependent on my outside circumstances. I’ve been able to disengage from old, limiting beliefs that were holding me back, and focus on actually enjoying my life and loving myself for who I am. The program is a life changer!

    Andrea C. (Video Producer)

Research shows that our capacity for happiness can be developed. It’s a skill, like learning to play the piano. But beyond learning skills, Break Free to Joy guides you on an inner path to your very own internal, latent source of joy. No matter what’s going on in your life you CAN access this wellspring and become profoundly happy. You CAN have a foundation that is consistently joyful.

There is NO limit to how much joy you are capable of experiencing.

I’ve been working with clients like you for over 20 years and have helped dozens of people get un-stuck from this place. My diverse training as an educator, trainer, psychotherapist, and conscious loving/conscious living Hendricks relationship coach gives me the unique advantage of being a catalyst for transformation.

My specialty is helping people to dissolve the negative patterns that prevent full self-expression.

Using quick-witted humor and fun, I help open stuck places, unleash freedom and joy and hidden potential… and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be hard. It can be fun! The assignments and exercises are short, yet thought-provoking and inspirational.

I had no joyful past!

I was not a happy kid. Pensive, afraid, shy, anxious…a nail-biter and a follower. I left my family home early giving me momentary relief, but the precursor to a long series of challenges and struggles. I worked back-to-back jobs and often a night-shift too, leaving little time for college studies and no time to play. My sense of humor and prankster personality produced the illusion that I was happy. But I felt empty, uncertain, and I had no idea that happiness was an inside job. At one point, I felt so stuck and depleted, I wondered if I should just end it all. My partner and I had both been layed off within months of each other, grounding a remodel to a full-stop. This left us in chaos, no kitchen sink, and mounting credit card debt. That very dark period propelled me to seek a mentor, more education, and to learn the skills which transformed my perspective. I learned how to free myself from negative mind-sets, and literally to Break Free to Joy!!!

Folks viewed me as joyful, happy-go-lucky, always high on life, while they struggled. They had achieved success, reached goals and had all the comforts but weren’t happy.

People would ask me, “Can you teach us how to be as enlivened, happy and playful? How do you do it, Morgan?”

I created Break Free to Joy as the first in a series of happiness courses to teach you a step-by-step process for how to get out of your own way and begin to delight in your life.

  • Morgan gave us lots of activities and information that I could apply to my life right away with great results! Because of this fun and engaging program, I feel lighter of heart and more connected to myself in accepting and loving ways. Happiness is my new default! I think everyone should take Break Free to Joy!

    Susan K. (Therapist/Coach)

Break Free to Joy is not for you if you are more comfortable growing slowly or if you aren’t willing to put in the time and practice to learn the skills that will lead you to joy.

But, if you are ready to take a jumbo-go-for-it-leap, this might be just what you need to learn how to get over it already!

Here are just a few of the subjects we will cover:

  • Discarding old habits of mind: Blame, Criticism. Control, Doubt, etc.
  • Stop believing everything you think, just because you think it!
  • Forgiveness is not about condoning bad behavior
  • How to become the source of your own approval and self-worth from the inside out
  • Raising your consciousness and vibration
  • Learning and practicing the art of happiness

So what exactly is involved?

  • Every week you will get tips, prompts, content, and exercises to help you develop and expand your happiness set-point. (Did you know you have a happiness quotient, and you CAN expand it?)
  • 3 recordings filled with content, designed to assist you in breaking free of your self-imposed limits.
  • You’ll learn the latest research from neuroscience, professors of psychology and self-help gurus, including the Dalai Lama….practices, guided exercises, readings, meditations, videos, etc. (Because smart people, like you, experience the greatest growth when it’s informed growth.)
  • A private online group to connect with others and offer and receive support. (This is for sharing your revelations as you absorb the material, Q & A’s, comments, ideas, results and humor.
  • Private one-on-one time with me which can be by phone, Skype, Face-time or Google +. (This is to maximize your ability to unearth and release limiting beliefs which are holding you back from full self-expression and joy. )
  • Private coaching sessions (My fees are usually $175 per hour)
  • Email coaching exchanges for personal support

Additional Materials which you will need to purchase:

  • A journal or notebook, and 2 would be best!
  • There will be 2 books for you to order, I suggest the audio versions via Audible, but the format is your choice.
  • Films and documentaries suggested (optional) to view via Net ix, Amazon or found on Youtube.
  • Break Free to Joy is designed as a 4 month program with weekly lessons and two breaks. All of the as- signments and activities build on each other. You set your own schedule, but each week’s exercise will take between 15 minutes to 1.5 hours (or sometimes you get to watch a movie.)
  • There won’t be any papers to submit or homework to get in on time. I won’t be giving you a grade. You will get out of this as much as you put in.
  • I would love to recommend this course to others searching for understanding of our own powers of happiness, and our ability to live in joy. Morgan is not only an amazing, funny, compassionate teacher, the materials that she has put together reach beyond, and push you beyond habits, comfort zones and any other blockages in your way to happiness. Looking in that mirror is so much easier with a caring, emphatic hand on your shoulder. Morgan brings the materials together and reaches with you for the insights you seek. Being able to connect with others in the course helped me greatly, (or not if one prefers to go it alone), and while this deep work sometimes isn’t easy, the results are incredible. And did I mention how much fun it was!?

    Rosemary W. (Attorney)


How long is this program and are there any breaks?

This is a 4 month program and there are 2 breaks of 1 week to provide for additional support with me, and extra time to read, review, do some writing, or to watch a related film.

When does it begin?

The program begins when you enroll and make your payment.

How do I get the content?

The content is delivered to your email every week. There’s an introductory audio recording which gives you more details.

I’m very busy, what’s the time commitment?

Most of the weekly emails will have a short assignment which is doable in the week-to-week time-frame.

How do I pay?

Payment is made through Paypal. You don’t need a PayPal account to make a payment. You will immediately receive confirmation of your payment and a welcome message.

What’s the support group like?

We call it Happy Camp and it is a community of joyful learners in various places along the path. You don’t have to participate, but I’ve found that those who do get involved in the group get immense value from exploring with others. I try to hop in there a couple times a week. The best part is that the online community doesn’t end when the program does.

If I don’t like the program, can I get a refund?

Yes, I am happy to refund you! If at the end of the course you can show me that you have attended, downloaded, completed the exercises, interacted with the online participants, and applied all the knowl- edge, but you still got nothing out of it, a full refund is yours. I’ve never had anyone ask for a refund. If you’re open to learning and actively engaged you are going to get your full value.

I have another question…

Please email me at:

  • Morgan’s Break Free to Joy is exactly what I needed! I feel expanded, stronger, more connected to myself and other. I feel ecstatic about life again, like I was as a young child. Each day feels better, lighter, easier, and full of promise for the future I’m creating for myself.

    Keeley O. (Senior Project Manager)

Don’t wait to learn the skills to be happy, expand your consciousness and Break Free to Joy!

Break Free to Joy: The Basics

  • Weekly tips, prompts, content
  • 3 Recordings
  • Private support group
  • 3 personal, private coaching sessions
  • 3 email coaching sessions
  • A life-time of joy!


Break Free to Joy for Over-Achievers

  • Weekly tips, prompts, content
  • 3 Recordings
  • Private support group
  • Unlimited email exchanges
  • 6 Coaching sessions
  • Follow-up call (coaching) after the course
  • A lifetime of joy!


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