Couple's Intensive Program


Is it too late?
Can this relationship be saved?

You are unable to stop repetitive, unsuccessful habits of thought and behavior (arguing, criticizing, and blaming). You continue to get caught in going no-where conflicts. Doubt, worry, stress is high. This instability, alienation, resentment, and mistrust is taking a toll. You relationship foundation is crack- ing, built upon unconscious family of origin underpinnings. This combined with the influence of our culture and the media, the mythology or the prince and princess, and no wonder your relationship is not working!


This is a high impact, laser-focused transformational program for extremely stuck couples at the end of their rope. You love each other, but are exhausted and angry. You cannot sustain any level of harmony, and feel powerless. Designed to maximize the potential for a quantum break-through, this pro- gram opens new space inside you and with your spouse. Addressing your relationship with yourself and how that impacts your marriage or coupledom begins to open doors.

Both of you learn to take responsibility for your part in the struggles. Both of you learn how to build a whole new foundation with science-based skills and practices, for co-creating what you truly desire in your partnership. If both partners truly want to learn a whole new way of relating to one another, this program expands your ability to give and receive more love and positive energy than you have ever experienced, or could imagine.

Available results:

  1. Stop repetitive, unsuccessful, and destructive habits of thought and behavior, and learn powerful tools to shift from negative interactions and empowering communication.
  2. Stop blame and criticism altogether and shift into appreciation and gratitude.
  3. Learn to take responsibility for your “stuff” and how you unconsciously set up your results
  4. Learn to reveal rather than conceal.
  5. Choose to relate, rather than to be right in tough exchanges.
  6. Access what is true for you in any situation, and communicate honesty without fear of conflict.
  7. Learn how to listen consciously without taking things personally.
  8. Gain awareness & the communication skills to move you from feeling “Victimized ” to “Sourcing and creating” your life and your relationship
  9. Clean up the habitual strategies and patterns that sabotage your communications, and learn how to give and receive loving attention.
  10. Expand your capacity to give and receive more love and affection.

We can save this!

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