Couples Programs

Couples Intensive Program: A Divorce Prevention Overhaul

This is a high impact, laser-focused program for couples who feel extremely stuck and unhappy in their relationship. You wonder if it should end. You love each other but cannot seem to sustain a level of harmony. Designed to maximize the potential for a quantum break-through, this program helps to open new space between you and your spouse, and assists you in co-creating what you truly desire in your partnership.

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Couples Re-awaken Program: Turn “Meh” to Extraordinary!

This program is for couples who are not stuck in constant conflict cycles but have become habituated around a few sticking points. Is this it? Is this as good as it gets? Now what? This is not what you envisioned in your partnership. How do you make the changes and spice it up? You are tired and wish your spouse would change, fix or improve, a few irritating behaviors. You wonder how you can increase your mojo, fun and connection.

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Relationship Rehab

Before you know it, years have passed. Those unresolved issues, swept under the rug, with some unsettled bad feelings have eroded your connection. Your relationship has been limping along, and yet you don’t want to end it. Ignoring, pretending and hoping it will all miraculously change or disappear has to stop, and you know it. You are ready to face what isn’t working and change what has you stuck.

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